Stories about Sykesville, Maryland, and South Carroll County

A look inside Sykesville's Old Colored Schoolhouse through the side door
The grave of Mary Dorsey in old Trinity Cemetery in Eldersburg, with the Princess Shopping Center in the distance.
A horsedrawn carriage comes down Sykesville's muddy Main Street in 1910
Jonathan Herman and his crew during the renovation of the Norwood house in Sykesville

Welcome to Sykesville Stories

A long time ago, we had a website called Sykesville Online. Now we have this.

It's a collection of stories, new and old, about the town of Sykesville and the surrounding area.

We built it to support a collection of books called Sykesville Stories. (Since there's only one volume so far, we use the term "collection" loosely.)

What we will do with the site remains to be seen, but for now it's got all kinds of information of different sorts from different sources, and over time, it will grow.

The idea is to create a useful resource, but also a place that's fun to come to and hunt around. We hope you like it.

And speaking of the book, you can order it by clicking here. To learn more, visit our About page.

  Jack White