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Dr. Clement Clark, second superintendant of Springfield Hospital, circa 1910
Jon Herman, second from left, and friends in front of the Old Norwood Mansion
Mae, Rosie, Caroline, and Thelma Dorsey on an old car, circa 1940
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Welcome to Sykesville Stories by Jack McBride White

It all started back in 1868, the day of the Great Sykesville flood, when the monster made his first unpleasant appearance. Now if you're not familiar with the Great Sykesville Flood, or the monster,  for that matter, you've got some catching up to do, and I suggest you drop everything and click these words that says Click Here.

And right now, because I hear that monster's coming back for revenge, and you just might want to get properly prepared for the misery and mayhem that's likely to come along with her.

Z. Zimmerman

Once upon a time, Jack and Andrea White had a website called Sykesville Online. Now there's this.

It's a collection of stories, new and old, videos, photographs, and facts about the town of Sykesville and all thereabouts, as we set about to make it famous.


There will be books, each with several stories. Volume 1, The Town that Refused to Die, is ready. You can head down to Main Street in Sykesville and get a copy at A Likely Story Bookstore, or you can order a copy online.


To learn more, visit our About page.

  Jack White 


P.S. We live on Harlan Lane in Sykesville. Jack White ran the town museum for 5 years and has an interesting story about that and why he doesn't run it anymore. He's also written three books that involve the town, which you can check out here, and most likely there will be one or two more.

Sykesville's Millard Cooper Park in the snow, circa 2020.
Lloyd, Jim, and Thelma inside the abandoned Sykesville train station

Way back in the eighties, some people got the idea it would be smart to knock down the town's decaying old train station. These are three of the people who stopped them. Do you know who they are? You can find the answer in Sykesville Stories, Volume 1.

In the background is the old Norwood Mansion

The Town

that Refused to Die

With stories by

Bob Allen

Jon Herman

Warren Dorsey

David Sorflaten

Kirk Peiffer

Lon Strickler

Jack McBride White

and others

On sale at

A Likely Story Bookstore on Main Street in Sykesville

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