The Girl with two cats and a rainbow.  

We're going to tell stories

That's about it.


We used to be Sykesville Online, but now we're just Sykesville Stories.

Which isn't to say we'll limit ourselves to Sykesville, or that all the stories will be stories in the traditional sense. They might be videos, or podcasts, or presentations. They might be Morse code, or strands of DNA. They might be surface shots of mars, strings of pictures, live interviews, or indecipherable squiggles.

They might even be a picture of an unknown girl with two cats and a rainbow.


But they will be about Sykesville, Eldersburg, the Freedom District, or things related. And they will be told in the spirit of friendship with an underlying foundation of humor and goodwill.


They won't be about politics.


We won't accept direct comments on the stories. It's necessary to monitor comments, which is a pain, and there's this idea, among the gurus of the art of self-promotion, that you should answer all the comments and use them to help build relationships and readership and influence and your brand.


But you know, that gets pretty phony. You end up worrying too much about getting comments and likes and such. It warps your ability to just be yourself and tell the best story you can.


And branding is for cattle. And rather cruel.

Email and Social

We are not on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, or any other social media platform at the moment. We will have a YouTube Channel, and may have a podcast. We will respond to polite emails. We prefer emails that add to the story, or correct it where it's wrong, so that we can fix it.

We don't actually have an email address at the moment, but you can go here and put your thoughts in a little box.


And finally, we're going to try to make some money, which is something we didn't do before and may not do very well now. But we'll give it a shot. Writing big long stories is fun. Actually getting paid for them is even better. Or so we imagine. If you like the idea of contributing, you can go here and put your money in a little box.

Or see below. And see you later.

  Jack White