What is this place?

Buggy on Main Street approaches Mellor's Store_edited.jpg

It's the home of Sykesville Stories

Sykesville Stories is a website and a collection of books. The site includes pictures, movies, and stories about the town of Sykesville and its surrounding area, which includes Southern Carroll County and Westminster, Maryland, and will probably also spill over into Howard County and Baltimore.


There will be a collection of books, each containing several stories. It's an attempt to teach, entertain, clarify, correct, and add to the history of a very old American place.

The site will address Sykesville history and contemporary Sykesville, picking up where an older site called Sykesville Online left off several years ago.

Look around. There's a lot to see and the site will never stop growing, so come back now and then.

Some Technical Information

Although this might appear to be one website, it's actually a combination of three. We run the Sykesville Stories site using software called Wix. That's the main website.

However, we also maintain two other websites using a program called WordPress, and bring the content of those sites into this site. Those sites are sykesvilleonline.com and sykesvilleheraldproject.com.

You can actually access these sites independently if you like. This might be quicker and it also provides a couple other advantages having to do with searching the stories and copying their URLs that we won't cover here.

This is an unusual approach, but we have our reasons.