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About Our Stories

The Patterson and Brown Graves

Photo by Jack White. Members of the Patterson and Brown families lie here. They built Springfield Presbyterian Church, which stands behind the graves. They were the first buried here on the highest point in town. Once you could stand here and see the Patterson mansion in the distance, and from the Patterson Mansion you could see the church.

We have two types of stories

There are what we'll call "Tales of the Past" and "Happening Now." Under Stories in the menu bar at the top of the page, you'll see them listed.

Tales of the Past

These are stories that happened in the more distant past. Many of them will appear in the books that we'll be producing, so you could say they're free copies. Some will be originals that you can't read anywhere else.


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Happening Now

These are more current stories, typically about someone in Sykesville or some thing or event in Sykesville. Some will be more along the lines of human interest stories (well hopefully interesting.) The fact is, we're kind of making it up as we go.

Some of the stories will likely fit into both categories.

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  Jack White  

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