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The Patterson and Brown Graves

Photo by Jack White. Members of the Patterson and Brown families lie here. They built Springfield Presbyterian Church, which stands behind the graves, and were the first buried here on the highest point in town. Once you could stand here and see the Patterson mansion in the distance.

We have three types of stories

There are what we'll call "current" stories, "story books," and "history" stories. Under Stories in the menu bar at the top of the page, you'll see them listed as Current, Story Books, and History.


Current stories are new. They can be about anything. Click here to visit these stories.

Story Books

These aren't really stories, but rather supplements to stories. For instance, there's a book called Sykesville Stories, Volume 1. For each chapter in the book, we have one page here with materials that support that chapter. There's typically an excerpt, perhaps some extra information about the story and the author, and some pictures.

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These are excerpts from old newspaper articles. Most come from an old newspaper out of Westminster called The Democratic Advocate and from Sykesville's own newspaper, the Sykesville Herald.

There are thousands of these articles. We have about 700 so far and are slowly adding as we have time. These newspapers no longer exist, and the articles are out of copyright. You can find the Democratic Advocate online, but not the Herald. They depict Sykesville at various stages of its evolution.

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  Jack White