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Pretty Flowers before the graves_edited.jpg

Photo by Jack White. Flowers at the Old Trinity Cemetery in Eldersburg.

Our Collections

We don't have collections in the sense that a museum might. We don't have physical objects. What we collect are stories of various types, stories about people, stories about places and buildings. We'll also be collecting photos and videos and making them available.

This is a primarily a website, but in many ways it serves as a museum. It preserves and expands our understanding of the past. Rather than doing it inside a building or a space with walls, we'll do it through the magic of digital technology.

And yes, there will be displays.


This is a growing collection of places with stories and information about the places. We're in the early stages of building it, but hope it will become a valuable resource for researchers, or just anyone who wants to learn about what we're here to teach.


Click here to visit the collection.


This is a growing collection of stories about people, some famous (in the sense of Sykesville), most not. And again, it will grow and become useful. Or so we hope.


Click here to visit the collection.

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