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For kids 6 to 186

Cursed by the Snallygaster

Dr. Dimwitson is also good friends with the local --- and actually quite lonely --- Bigfoot, who goes by Barry, hates when you call him "Sasquatch," and can't seem to get a good haircut anywhere in the greater Snoresville Area.


Once it's ready, you'll be able to read the story in all its glory right here, buy it online, or pick up a copy signed by Barry* at one of our approved outlets. (Just don't comment on, or step on, Barry's feet.)

* Most likely Barry the bigfoot will be chained to the bumper of an old Buick, but its best to stay alert and be extra cautious when in his presence. He's a bit volatile and prone to outbursts of self-pity. You can learn more about Barry in the soon to be released Bigfoot has a Bad Hair Day.

Call it a reboot, if you like, a rewrite, a rebrand, a new beginning, whatever, but the Snallygaster is back, it's just that things are a little different now.

The new story is called Cursed by the Snallygaster, and it takes place in the historic town of Snoresville, Maryland, on the mighty River Stinksalot, and is told by Dr. Alfred B Dimwitson, an expert in baseball, Snallygasters, and donuts.

Dr. Dimwitson studied at the Flint Fredstone Institute for Deluded Humans, situated just across the mighty Stinksalot from historic Snoresville.

Pounding the night sky through wind and rain on mighty wings of angry black, in search of an old man, a broken safe, four ancient donuts, and a lizard in a beach ball . . .

The Snallygaster is back, and she's not in a good mood.

by Jack McBride White
Exiled Former Curator of the Sykesville Gate House Museum

Debuts June 24 at 11 a.m. in Piney Run Park. Donuts will be served.

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