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List of Local People

Who They Were
When They Lived
Burt Asper
Springfield doctor. He served as an officer on a navy ship during WWI. The ship disappeared and was never found.
1888 to 1918
Carrie Dorsey
Daughter of a slave, she raised 12 children on Sykesville's Oklahoma Hill.
1886 to 1963
Clement Clark
Second Superintendent of Springfield
Daniel Sprecher
Town mayor and doctor. He lived on Oklahoma Hill.
1885 to 1945
George Leakins
Terribly wounded WWII Veteran from Sykesville.
1922 to 2001
Susanna Warfield
Susanna lived at Groveland near Sykesville for most of the 19th century.
1797 to 1890
Thelma Wimmer
Citizen activist, former councilwoman, and an inspirational force for change.
1910 to 2010
Wade Warfield
Businessman, politician, farmer, who once owned most of Sykesville. One of two most important men in town history.
1864 to 1937
Warren Dorsey
Grandson of a slave and main character of "In Carrie's Footprints, the Long Walk of Warren Dorsey."
1920 to . . .
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