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Wade Warfield


Wade Warfield served as mayor, head of town council, Carroll County state senator, and a member of the Springfield Hospital board of managers.

Three of the most prominent buildings on Main Street in Sykesville were built for him by J. Harvey Fowble. He attended the local public schools and the Springfield Academy, and in 1883, he graduated with honors from the Staunton Military Academy in Virginia. 

In 1889, while only 25, he opened a supply business in downtown Sykesville. He started the town's first bank. He owned a huge store with a lumberyard behind it. He owned a huge flour mill. He built houses. He ran four farms. 

He married and had three children. When his first wife died after giving birth to their third child, he married her sister, who raised his children.

He wore fancy clothes. He had a chauffeur and a fancy Cadillac convertible. In the end, he lost it all. His story will be told in Sykesville Stories, Volume 2.

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