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Arcade Building


7566 Main St, Sykesville, MD 21784, USA

Where is it?
Who built it?
Main Street, Sykesville
J. H. Fowble


Built in the popular arcade style of the day with an open center and stores on both sides, the Arcade building was one of the best built by Fowble for Warfield.

For many years, the Sykesville Herald worked out of second floor offices. In this Herald photograph from 1964, they are lowering the Herald's printing press onto a truck to move it to the paper's new location at the bottom of Springfield Avenue.

Although originally built with a center arcade that led out to Wade Warfield's lumber yard, sometime after World War II, the center was eventually filled in to add office space. When Warfield lost all his possessions in 1927, Clarence Clarke bought the building.

You can read about Warfield's downfall and his loss of all his buildings and other possessions in volume 2.

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