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Warfield Building


7564 Main St, Sykesville, MD 21784, USA

Where is it?
Who built it?
Main Street, Sykesville
J. H. Fowble


The Warfield Building, circa 1988, when it became the Union National Bank.  Fowble built this building for Wade Warfield in 1901. Warfield was the bank's founder and president. It was originally called the Sykesville National Bank.

Eventually, the bank failed during the Depression, leaving the town briefly without a bank, until the Brown family brought the bank back to life in the mid-thirties, with A. C. Brown as president.

Although, it's a beautiful building, at some point in the late fifties, or early sixties, they decided to modernize the bank by covering the front with an ugly metal fence that pretty much hid the bank until 1988, when the grating was removed and the bank was restored to its previously attractive state.

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