The Story of Springfield Hospital

The Original Patterson Mansion


Before there was the hospital, there was the mansion. Before there was the mansion, there were the Pattersons. And then the Browns.

The Pattersons died. The Browns died. The mansion burned.

The story of Springfield Hospital is a huge one, and it would be impossible to tell the story of Sykesville in the 20th century without talking a great deal about Springfield.

Up until recent times, the two were very closely linked. You might say intertwined. It's quite possible there would be no Sykesville without Springfield, and to a lesser extent, there would be no Springfield without Sykesville.

In fact, people from outside the immediate vicinity used to refer to the hospital merely as "Sykesville." For instance, someone in Hagerstown might say, "They took him to Sykesville." Meaning Springfield.

Back in the eighties, a band called Claude Jones did a very good song called "Sykesville," and sure enough it was about Springfield, not Sykesville, and depicts it rather darkly.


Here it is. After the video, read on.