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Sykesville Shorts

These are short videos based mostly on old photographs. They are available on YouTube.

Both Sides of the River

Most likely after the flooding of 1972. On one side of the river is the bar and the beach where the black folks drank. They weren't allowed in the bar. On the other side are the tracks twisted by one of the town's many disasters.

Inside the Abandoned Train Station

Sykesville's train station opened in 1884, but in the second half the 20th century it stood mostly abandoned for many years. Here's a quick look inside.

The Great Sykesville Fire of 1937

Much of Sykesville's Main Street was destroyed by fire in 1937. Here's a look at the results.

Inside a Kitchen at the Asylum

A long time ago, someone took a picture of a woman sitting in a kitchen in a building on the Warfield Complex of the Springfield Hospital.

An old car idling by an old building at the edge of Springfield

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