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Videos About Sykesville

These videos are publicly available on YouTube. In most cases, we did not produce them. We are just sharing.


Created at the Gate House Museum, this is an odd experimental film made in PowerPoint and based on old pictures of Sykesville taken in the 1980s. It includes most of the houses and buildings. The town was quite dead at the time, and since few of the pictures include people, it's a sort of eerie look at Sykesville as a ghost town.

See how many people you can find. See how many dogs.

Sykesville's Jones Sisters

Owen Hankie Norris spent the first 26 years of his life growing up in the old schoolhouse.

Annie Grimes, Springfield Nurse

Annie Grimes is a nurse who worked many years at Springfield Hospital near Sykesville.

Springfield Doctors who Escaped the Nazis

This is a talk by Jack White about some of the German and Austrian Jews who escaped Hitler and came to Sykesville to work at Springfield hospital in the 1940s.

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